Western Canada's Water Accelerator

Our services

We deliver services to entrepreneurs and investors.

Entrepreneur services

We offer entrepreneurs global water market intelligence, technical due diligence and sound business advice. Ultimately we work with entrepreneurs to validate and develop products ready for customers.

Global water market and technical mentoring
Investor access and creation of an investible company
Access to product development facilities
Peer to peer collaboration to accelerate market entry
Intelligent market analysis
Access to potential customers globally
Go to market advice including product-market fit
Validated and developed products ready for customers

Investor services

We aim to create a flow of investible companies which are vetted and developed ready for investment, reducing market risk and technology risk.

Deal flow of investible companies
Companies solving real problems for the global industry.
Managed market and technical risk prior to VC/PE funding
Higher probability of successful exits for investors

entrepreneur Value

We assist entrepreneurs to develop and successfully commercialize their innovations.


Our organization model engages experts to work as advisors and mentors on a contractual basis.

investor value

Delivering well developed entrepreneurs and market ready products to solve the global water crisis.

working together

We provide an environment where diverse individuals interact to find solutions to common water challenges.

Water areas of focus

Point of use treatment

  • scalable, modular treatment systems

Instrumentation and controls

  • process automation and machine learning
  • efficiency improvement

Low energy water treatment

  • Nano-materials


  • technical and business model innovations

Water security

  • watershed management processes for climate adaptation
  • water saving innovations

Produced water treatment

  • saline water treatment
  • recycled process water
  • recovery of usable water from waste / waste concentration
  • disposal including waste-to-value

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We’re ready to help entrepreneurs and investors solve the global water crisis.