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Welcome Innocorps


We welcome Innocorps as a company working with WaterNEXT to accelerate their growth…

Innocorps’ technology is built to reuse and recycle highly contaminated water, making clean water more affordable and enabling previously uneconomic applications.

Inspired by the Earth’s natural weather cycle, our technology recaptures and reuses the energy put into it, reducing energy expense.

Accelerated flocculation of industrial waste effluent and produced waters for total suspended solids, while simultaneously producing a very high quality distillate are our key competitive advantages.

Unlike other water treatment systems, Innocorps don’t use expensive pressure vessels or membranes that are vulnerable to corrosive chemicals, prone to fouling and scale formation. The process is flexible, operates near ambient conditions and will adapt to your application. This makes it practical for remote or stranded operations where ease of maintenance is essential.

For more details go to www.innocorps.com


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